Maria ruotsiksi   Maria


*: Yet herein they come short of the monks and friars in their conceits of the word Maria; they have so tossed it and turned it, so anagrammatized and transposed it, that never were five poor letters so worried since time did put them into the alphabet.

*: By their dresses, their names, and the airs of quality they give themselves, I am rendered ridiculous among all my acquaintance. My wife, who is a very plain good woman, and whose name is Amey, has been new-christened, and is called Amelia; and my little daughter, a child of a year old, is no longer Polly, but Maria.

*: Ive just kissed a girl named Maria, / And suddenly I found how wonderful a sound can be! / Maria! Say it loud and theres music playing - / Say it soft and its almost like praying

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